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A commercial company under the name of Zakład Budowy Urządzeń i Aparatury Naukowo-Doświadczalnej Spółka z o.o. with its seat in Katowice was registered on September 30, 1993. The company was established with the capital participation of the Central Mining Institute.

The Company took over the employees, machinery, documentation resources and rights to manufacture and sell the products of the former ZBUiAND-GIG.

The object of the Company's activities since its establishment has been to conduct manufacturing, service and trade, on its own account or as an intermediary in domestic and foreign trade, which includes:

  • conducting manufacturing activities in the field of production of machinery, equipment, experimental and prototype constructions and serial production for the mining industry, energy, metallurgy, environmental protection, trade and scientific and research institutions,

  • conducting sales of own products in the country and their export,

  • repair, overhaul and cooperation services for machinery, equipment, structures and installations,

  • intermediation in the purchase and sale of equipment, components and machinery,

  • intermediation in the purchase and sale of metallurgical products, coal and its products.

The constant intentions and ongoing activities of the Company are to maintain its leading position in the market in the production of rolling hoist vessel guides and all the products offered. The Company aims to achieve this through:

  • introducing new technical and material solutions in the production of its products including rolling guides and their components,

  • expanding the range of products and services offered by generating its own technical solutions or modernizing solutions operating in the market,

  • generating new technical solutions in cooperation with scientific and research units,

  • reserving generated solutions in the UP of the Republic of Poland and the EU,

  • modernization of machine park in CNC machine tools and machining centers,

  • cooperation with foreign business entities and scientific and research units,

  • ensuring that the needs of our customers are realized in a manner that meets their expectations,

  • increasing the reliability of operation, durability of products and their warranty

  • offering its products outside the country,

  • constantly maintaining price competitiveness of products.


For more than a dozen years, the Company has had an established and maintained quality management system based on the PN ISO 9001:2015 standard ensuring the maintenance of high quality products, their full repeatability, reliability and timely delivery.

The Company employs highly qualified welding workers and supervisory personnel confirmed by the repeatedly renewed Qualification Certificate in Group I of Small Plants for the execution, installation and repair of welded steel structures of class 1, 2 and 3 by the Welding Institute.  

During its 30 years of activity, the Company has generated dozens of new products by protecting its solutions at the Polish Patent Office.

In its activities, the Company is guided by customer orientation and the customer's expectations are the guidepost for the Company in its development.


You are welcome to cooperate with us.

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